10 easy and inexpensive Halloween costumes you can buy in the MeTV store right now

Grab a classic TV costume T-shirt!

Oh, how we love Halloween! What better excuse to pretend to be someone else and eat a bunch of candy?

The hardest part about Halloween is brainstorming a costume. Well, think no more! We're here to make your costume quick and easy.

Our MeTV Store features a collection of costume shirts. Why wear a bulky costume when you can wear a single T-shirt (short- or long-sleeved)? Full artwork covers the front (and sometimes back) of these costume shirts. Slip one on and you're suddenly a TV star!

Our collection features a full array of classic TV characters, '70s pop-culture figures and superheroes. Here are some of our — and customers' — favorites.

Get one before it's too late!

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1. The Andy Griffith Show

Nip it in the bud! And by "it" we mean "your costume." Saunter around like the Sheriff of Mayberry in this Andy Taylor top. There's a short-sleeved version, too.


2. Hawkeye from M*A*S*H

Add a surgical mask and you're good to go. Maybe add a martini glass. And, if anyone doesn't get your costume, perhaps throw in a visual pun like a University of Iowa hat. The Hawkeyes — get it?


3. Redshirt from Star Trek

Yes, it is technically an "Engineering" uniform from Starfleet, but we all know that Redshirts die first. That's why they pair so well with zombie makeup. We also offer a long-sleeved version and men's cut, too.


4. Classic Batman

Hide your secret identity from fellow partygoers as your favorite "Caped Crusader" in this costume shirt.


5. Laverne from Laverne & Shirley

Mix up a pitcher of Pepsi milk and skip down the street singing, "Schlemiel, schlimazel…" (NOTE: Skipping while carrying an open pitcher of cola can lead to extensive costume stains. MeTV does not condone this behavior.)


6. Chocolate factory uniform from I Love Lucy

Shove fistfuls of chocolate candies into your mouth and declare, "HISSIS PAWAH MA CAWSTOO." Then chew, swallow and explain, "This is part of my costume." (Note: MeTV does not condone the unsafe shoving of chocolates or other confectionery goods. Please consume candy products carefully.)


7. Mister Rogers

Heading to a neighborhood party? Dress as the friendliest neighbor! Throw on your best slacks and away you go, neighbor!


8. The Riddler from Batman

With that big question mark on your chest, you can go around asking people TV trivia, like, "Which actor was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on Batman?" The answer, of course, is Frank Gorshin!


9. Starchild from KISS

Our KISS episode of Collector's Call was a fan-favorite. Pretend you're rocking the Paul Lynde Halloween Special in 1976.


10. Leisure Suit from Saturday Night Fever

Yes, we have two T-shirts featuring artificial chest hair! It was the Seventies, after all. Party like its 1977 and point your finger to the sky.


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UTZAAKE 24 months ago
Or you can just write the name of the most frightening person you can think of on a "Hello my name is..." sticker and slap that on the front of whatever you're wearing. Got this idea from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, except that Oz (Seth Green) used "God."
Michael 24 months ago
I wouldn't wear any of them, but I am impressed that so many at a distance look like some other shirt, rather than a tshirt with printing. They look three dimensional.

idkwut2use 24 months ago
Lucy & Laverne, my girls! :D I’ve got the red hair naturally (not a hennarincess), and I have my own version of the “L” top (mine has an M.)
MrsPhilHarris 24 months ago
Those are fun but #9 is kind of gross in my opinion.
LoveMETV22 24 months ago
Whats up with the 24 months ago comments?
MrsPhilHarris LoveMETV22 24 months ago
Yeah it’s odd but I do remember the Kiss shirt. Creeped me out then and now. RobcertDSCascap was around then. He would post great pictures of different retro toys and whatnot. He disappeared about 16 months ago.
Moriyah 24 months ago
They seriously need to make Gomer Pyle merchandise on here! Do y'all think that should be the case? (Let me know)
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Moriyah KJExpress 24 months ago
Alright. I tried asking about it last month, and they kept saying they didn't have the license to do it last time I asked. But hopefully they get it soon!
bagandwallyfan52 Moriyah 24 months ago
I would like.to see.merchandise of
Gilligan's Island
And Happy Days
I would like to have
Cardian Sweaters like
Wally Plumstead wore
On Ozzie and Harriet
Or a fardian sweater
Like Bag Zombroski wore
On Happy Days.
I also liked on.Happy Days
Fonzie's leather jacket.
Moriyah bagandwallyfan52 24 months ago
Omg, you want there to be Gomer Pyle merchandise as well?! Omg, that makes me happy that you agree with me!!!
Come to think of it not
Only did Bag Zombroski
Of Happy Days and Wally
Plumstead ofOzzie And
Harriet wear cardian
Sweaters but Ozzie Nelson
And Howard Cunningham
Also wore cardigan sweaters on HD and O and H.
Zip 24 months ago
How many people were looking at these not for halloween but just to have to wear around in daily life(like me)?
Moriyah Zip 24 months ago
If only there was a Gomer Pyle one, then definitely! Btw, I think they desperately need to make Gomer Pyle merchandise on here really soon!
denny Moriyah 24 months ago
Why don't you just Google Gomer Pyle t-shirts, there's plenty on there for sale.
Moriyah denny 24 months ago
I did. But I'm saying they should have some on here. I really want them to get the license to do it! Hopefully before my birthday!
carrman Moriyah 24 months ago
Did you think you're a prima donna? They're available in other places. 🤷
Moriyah carrman 24 months ago
What's a prima donna?
Lillyrose 48 months ago
I like the Laverne &Shirley pink shirt with the L the best. 😀
Bob 48 months ago
I sure like Hogan's Heroes..
Barbara 48 months ago
My favorite shirt is "I Love Lucy" I think I watch each program she made at least 10 times. No, my hair may not be red and I hope I don't get in trouble as much she did with her husband...LOL But Holloween should be a real fun time I use to wonder how did it start? Then I found his book and was surprised at its origin. "The True Meaning of Halloween" http://bit.ly/2gm0Ady. Please let make this Holloween safe and for all to enjoy. I am a teacher and someone at my school recommends these resources to help our classes to have a good time this year!!

RobCertSDSCascap Barbara 48 months ago
So many "true meanings" of Halloween.
Lillyrose Barbara 48 months ago
I Love Lucy is my favorite show!
harlow1313 48 months ago
As Ralphie might say, this article is just a crummy commercial.
JeffTanner 48 months ago
None of them appeal to me except maybe Hawkeye and The Riddler.
RobCertSDSCascap 48 months ago
Not bad. What parent wouldn't love a cool costume on the cheap?
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