Leonard Nimoy

MeTV remembers Leonard Nimoy with special programming this weekend. From the 'Star Trek' episode "Amok Time," in which Spock travels to Vulcan to perform his native mating ritual, to Nimoy's appearances on such shows as 'Bonanza,' 'Rawhide,' 'The Twilight Zone' and more, we're highlighting some of the actor's most memorable television appearances. See schedule breakout below. Available on most MeTV stations.

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Friday, February 27

Perry Mason The Case of the Shoplifter’s Shoe Mason digs into a dead man's past in search of evidence to clear an accused murderer.

Saturday, February 28

Bonanza The Ape Hoss decides to help Arnie, a man who has never learned to control his great strength.
Rawhide Incident Before Black Pass Pete and Rowdy are captured by the Kiowa. Two other Indians want to accompany the herd to Black Pass.
Star Trek Amok Time Spock must go to Vulcan in order to perform the Vulcan mating ritual.

Sunday, March 1

Columbo A Stitch In Crime A surgeon has an ingenious plan for murdering his partner in a research project, but a nurse catches onto the scheme.
The Twilight Zone A Quality Of Mercy A soldier gets a new perspective on war when he is forced to experience it from his enemy's point of view.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Project Strigas Affair Napoleon Solo must find a way to bring down a diplomat who is trying to spark US/USSR tensions.
Mission: Impossible The Hostage After completing a mission, Paris is undercover as an American businessman and still in disguise when he is kidnapped by Latin American revolutionaries led by terrorist Robert Siomney.
Get Smart The Dead Spy Scrawls CONTROL tries to find the location of a KAOS communications center, which turns out to be in a pool hall.