Sneak peek: Meet Doug Redenius

The name is Redenius. Doug Redenius. And this former postal worker has been one of the world’s most pre-eminent James Bond memorabilia collectors for more than 30 years. Doug, a Bond fan since Goldfinger first came out in theaters in 1964, sold over 12,000 pieces of his Bond memorabilia to a Miami collector a few years ago. But he still curates the most valuable part of the Bond legacy: many of the vehicles featured in the movies over the years, from the helicopter in the unforgettable chase sequence in From Russia, With Love, to the Q-Boat featured in the unforgettable Thames River chase sequence in The World Is Not Enough. Doug oversees the collection as the co-founder of the Ian Fleming Foundation, which displays the vehicles at charitable fund-raisers. He's joined by fellow Ian Fleming Foundation board member Colin Clark, an airline mechanic and Bond fan who maintains many of the vehicles in the collection. Lisa has brought radio and television host Roe Conn to the airplane hangar where the Bond vehicles are stored. Roe is a longtime Bond fan and veteran 007 memorabilia collector who will appraise Doug's collection… and who has brought one of his own pieces of Bond memorabilia to offer in a trade, which might be a perfect fit on one of Doug's Bond treasures.