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Laverne & Shirley

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Set in the 1950's, LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY is a half-hour comedy that revolves around the friendship of bright-eyed, naive Shirley Feeney (Cindy Williams) and the brassy, street-smart Laverne DeFazio (Penny Marshall). These two single, working girls rely on each other through the misadventures of coping with dates, their crazy neighbors Lenny (Michael McKean) and Squiggy (David L. Lander), and living as roommates, while trying to "make all their dreams come true".

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25 min
S1E6 Dog Day, Blind Dates Laverne and Shirley are held hostage by their dates—two...
25 min
S1E9 Dating Slump Shirley becomes a social recluse when she finds out...
25 min
S1E12 Hi, Neighbors Lenny and Squiggy move into Laverne and Shirley’s...
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