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Happy Days

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This nostalgic comedy set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin focused on the Cunninghams and their two kids, Richie and Joanie as they hang out at the local drive-in and explore love, friendship and growing up in the 1950s.

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25 min
S2E2 Richie's Car Fonzie sells Richie a car and later discovers it might be...
25 min
S2E4 You Go to My Head Richie seeks professional help when his fears get the...
25 min
S2E5 ROTC Richie is confused about his role as the school's new...
25 min
S2E6 Haunted Richie gets spooked when he plans a Halloween party at a...
25 min
S2E10 A Star Is Bored Richie casts holds a fundraiser to help pay for baseball...
24 min
S2E11 Guess Who's Coming to Christmas Fonzie joins the Cunninghams for Christmas instead of...
25 min
S2E12 Open House Potise invites three beauty pageant contestants to stay...
25 min
S2E14 The Cunningham Caper Richie and the boys get trapped in the house when a...
25 min
S2E15 The Not Making of the President Richie turns against family tradition when he falls for a...
25 min
S2E16 Cruisin' Richie gets in a jam when they pick up girls from another...
25 min
S2E18 Get a Job Richie falls for an older women when she hires him to do...
25 min
S2E22 Kiss Me Sickly Richie soon finds himself in a precarious position while...
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