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Celebrity birthdays and pop culture milestones

Raise a toast to the stars of MeTV and beyond.

Thousands of actors and actresses appear on MeTV's many shows. Odds are, it's always someone's birthday. So help us celebrate. It's okay if you didn't get a present. Share your love in the comments.


Remembering 'Gomer Pyle' and television Marines on the 240th birthday of the Corps

Honorary Marine Jim Nabors was not the first character to say Semper Fi on TV, but he certainly meant a lot to those in the service.

Remembering Art Carney on his birthday

For decades the man did it all, from radio adventures to Batman and Star Wars.

6 fascinating facts about Ken Berry

Happy birthday to the comedic song-and-dance man! Learn more about this television talent.

Celebrate Michael Landon's birthday and Halloween with "A Little Kiss"

We remember the legendary actor with his breakthrough role in 'I Was a Teenage Werewolf' and his debut single.

Happy 70th birthday to Henry Winkler!

Raise a toast (and a thumb) to the man who is Fonzie. And so much more.

The first Disney television show premiered on this day in 1954

The very first Disney TV series premiered on October 27, 1954. They've done pretty well for themselves since.

Happy 91st to Joyce Randolph, aka Trixie!

Randolph is the last surviving member of the Honeymooners quartet. What is your favorite Trixie memory?

Norm! Happy birthday to George Wendt

Raise a toast to the sitcom icon with some fun facts about Norm. Well, his character's name was technically not Norm, for starters.

10 great Peter Falk TV roles before 'Columbo'

Before slipping on the tan rain coat, the famous television detective played thugs, thieves, murderers and gamblers. Dig into the best of his delicious early work.

Happy 50th birthday to Quisp cereal

26 facts about the incredible Bob Newhart for his 86th birthday

Because it's Tuesday, let's celebrate Tuesday Weld

Happy 76th birthday to Valerie Harper!

Happy Birthday to Don Most

Happy Birthday to Tony Bennett

Happy 106th birthday to Vivian Vance!

Birthday wishes to a Honeymooner!

The millionaire, and his life.

Happy Birthday, Florence Henderson!

Birthday wishes to Mike Farrell!