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That ding of the bell means school is back in session!

Guess what’s 25 years old? It’s one of the touchstones of the last two-plus decades of weekend morning television, and it’s landed on MeTV. We’re talking about Saved By The Bell, the teen TV classic we’re welcoming to our lineup, beginning this Sunday, October 5 at 10 AM/9 C. With a two-hour/four-episode block sandwiched between Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch, it’s part of a great morning of programs that both current and former kids will love.
The series aired from 1989 to 1993, which makes it hands down one of the younger classic shows airing in our current schedule of Memorable Entertainment Television—a freshman, if you will. Set at the fictitious Bayside High School in Palisades, it focuses on a cluster of popular and good-looking students,each loosely representing an archetype contained within these kinds of highschool clusters. You may want to view our promo to check which one you might be.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar stars as Zack Morris, ringleader and breaker of the fourth wall (he’ll often talk to the camera or ‘freeze’ the surrounding action to make a point or inform viewers of what’s about to happen). He’s the main ‘man with the plan’ but, as we all know, plans don’t always work out.

Tiffani Thiessen is Kelly Kapowski, the All-American Girl and love interest for the qually All-American Zack. She’s a cheerleader, who also attracts the attention of A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez), the school’s star athlete. This initially causes friction between the two handsome, sparkle-smiled dudes, but (spoiler alert!) things work out. And, yes, that’s the same Lopez you see now on shows like Extra, or in various fitness magazines.

Elizabeth Berkley stars as Jessie, the know-it-all, class president and outspoken supporter of a variety of causes. She later found some notoriety in the 1995 film Showgirls, but sufficiently recovered from the critical backlash the film took to land a number of respected dramatic, comedic and reality roles for TV and film.

Lark Voorhees plays the rich and fashionable font of gossip and style, Lisa Turtle. When she’s not passing along the latest news, she’s avoiding the dogged pursuits of the perpetually love-struck Screech, something she’s been enduring since kindergarten.

And what would any class of kids be without their likable nerd? Dustin Diamond stars as Screech (Quick: What was his real name? Time’s up—it’s Samuel Powers), the brainy tagalong who does everyone’s homework and serves dutifully as the canary in the coal mine for Zack’s assorted schemes.


Dennis Haskins is school principal Richard Belding. He’s the brunt of many a joke, but as a former Bayside student himself, there’s ultimately a bond between the group and the principal. And hats off to the show’s writers who came up with the fantastically onomatopoeic last name for him: Belding/bell ding! Saved by the ding of the bell!
Whether you enjoyed Saved by the Bell the first time around, are watching it for the first time now, or are introducing it to a younger viewer (you know, we’ve pushed the numbers around a little here, and a “I used to watch this show when I was your age! How great that it’s on MeTV now!”) scenario is entirely mathematically possible.
Tune in to a full two hours (four episodes) of Saved by the Bell, Sundays at 10 AM/9 C.

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