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A man named Trump wants to build a wall in a 1958 'Trackdown' episode

The MeTV Western has become a bit of a sensation this week due to some uncanny coincidences.

A balding man with a mustache pulls his covered wagon into the dusty town of Talpa, Texas. He wears a white robe covered in moons and stars, looking like a cross between a wizard and lab technician. He beats a drum.

"I bring you a message… a message I alone was able to read in the fires of the universe. But be not afraid, my friends. I bring you the means with which to save yourself," he proclaims.

"Save us from what?" a rugged cowboy asks

"From the end of the world, friend," the mysterious prophet says. "The world will come to a flaming end at midnight. Without my help and knowledge, each one of you will be dead." He then disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman heads to town to investigate. He chats with a woman in the local saloon, inquiring about this doomsaying stranger. "[He] got a name?" he asks her.

"Trump," she says.

"I bet it fits," Gilman says.

This scenario plays out in the opening act of a Trackdown episode, "The End of the World." The Western originally aired on May 9, 1958, but has become a bit of an internet sensation this week after it appeared last Saturday on MeTV. Viewers picked up on the episode's uncanny coincidence and wrote in to us. A few days later, sites like The Wrap picked up on the story.

Gilman, played with leathery cool by Robert Culp, butts heads with "Dr. Walter Trump, D.U.M.C.S.S.R." (Those self-given letters stand for Doctor of the Universe, Master of Commentary, Student of Stellar Reactions.) Gilman calls him a con man. "Be careful, son. I can sue you!" Trump blurts. The town, including the sheriff, sides with Trump and turns on Gilman.

Trump stands before the public and announces, "I am the one! Trust me!" He sells them $75 umbrellas to protect them from meteors. "I can protect you! I can build a wall around your homes that nothing can penetrate!" Yes, this Trump wants to build a wall in Texas. Weird, right?

"The End of the World" was written by John Robinson, who penned a good chunk of Dragnet episodes, as well as some Wanted: Dead or Alive tales.

Ten years later, a character named Trump would turn up in The Avengers, in an episode titled "Invasion of the Earthmmen." There, our hero Steed goes undercover at a military school for the super-intelligent. Trump, played by Warren Clarke, best known as one of the Droogs in A Clockwork Orange, is an enrollee as the suspicious institution. Turns out, the school is actually training for an invasion of outer space.

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