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Think you know the fictional sports teams of TV?

From the 1936 Summer Olympics to the Miracle on Ice and Monday Night Football, sports and television have always gone together like Lucy and Desi. But the relationship runs deeper than broadcasting live athletic events. 

There have been dozens of dramas and comedies about sports, not to mention countless shows about high school life. With all those have come fictional sports teams. Three shows alone have been set at a William McKinley High — The Wonder Years, Freaks and Geeks and Glee. That's the Knights, Norsemen and Titans for all you trivia buffs.

So how well do you remember the alma maters of the Bradys and Cunninghams? Which mascots were Opie Taylor and Coach Taylor cheering on? Take the quiz and find out!
  1. Riverdale High School Bulldogs
  2. Minnesota State Screaming Eagles
  3. East Dillon Lions, McNulty Mavericks, South Texas Titans
  4. Mayberry Union High School Bears
  5. Hoover Junior High Bears
  6. Westdale High Bears
  7. USS T'Kumbra Logicians
  8. Jefferson High School Ducks
  9. San Diego Sabers
  10. Los Charros de Copales, Mexico
  11. Bayside High School Tigers
Think you know the fictional sports teams of TV?

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