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Can you name the TV father from a picture of his children?

We show you a picture of TV children. You name their daddy.

Let's celebrate dads! Over the many decades of television, writers have created ideal fathers of all stripes. Let's see how well you remember the names of some classic TV dads (and father figures). They were like family to us, too.
  1. These "identical cousins" were the daughters of which dads?
  2. He had the perfect wife and some fine kids.
  3. These boys were on one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time.
  4. Do you recognize this son from a certain spin-off? Name the dad.
  5. He was the perfect man to raise a boy in the wild west.
  6. This cutie helped out his single father.
  7. You should "know" this one.
  8. He was only around for half the series, but what a dad.
  9. After their dad passed, this great-uncle served as a father figure.
  10. It took great patience to be the father of this kid.
  11. He had some help raising his brother's children.
Can you name the TV father from a picture of his children?

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