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Can we guess the color of your mood ring based on these simple questions?

It's time to bring the mood ring back!

Mood rings were one of the most insightful trends of the 1970s. If we wanted to get in touch with our feelings and emotions, we'd put a ring on our finger and pay attention to the color. 

Maybe we didn't realize we were stressed out until we saw our rings turn black. Or if we wanted to figure out if we were really in love, we'd wait to see a dark blue show up.

Here at MeTV, we want to bring the mood ring back. With this quiz, we'll act as a mood ring and tell you how you're feeling today. All you have to do is answer these simple questions.

Try it out!
  1. Which castaway best represents you?
  2. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?
  3. Which emoji best describes how you're feeling right now?
  4. Choose a retro fad:
  5. Which 'Carol Burnett' character best represents you?
  6. What's your favorite holiday?
  7. Choose a ring:
  8. Your significant other says you both need to talk later tonight. How do you react?
Can we guess the color of your mood ring based on these simple questions?

Your Result...

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